65th Birthday Celebrations

We recently  enjoyed photographing a 65th Birthday Party for a fabulous gentleman and his lovely family.  Philip was surrounded by lots of people who love him dearly and  the atmosphere was brilliant for the whole afternoon.  The cake was amazing and reflected one of Philip’s favourite TV programs (and one of ours as well), NCIS.

There were a few speeches and one very clever one which described Philip using words from A-Z of the Alphabet.

The event was held in the Cross Keys Function Room, Nottingham.  The party was fabulous and great fun and we had to use off camera flash (OCF) due to restrains in the narrow room.

The photos were loved by Philip and his family and the guests were all so welcoming and fun.

Anyway…. enough from us…. here’s some pics….


Philip-17 Philip-10 Philip-7 Philip-4 Philip-5Philip-51Philip-57Philip-58Philip-59Philip-60Philip-61Philip-55Philip-54Philip-48Philip-47Philip-45Philip-43Philip-41Philip-36Philip-34Philip-33Philip-32Philip-31Philip-29Philip-30Philip-28Philip-27Philip-26Philip-24Philip-22Philip-21Philip-19Philip-13Philip-15Philip-12Philip-10Philip-4


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