Abi & Josh

Its been a while since I photographed this wedding but as story telling photographer I should tell the story of Abi and Josh in a few pictures…..

Abi & Josh have known each other for ages.  They met, fell in love and enjoyed life in each others’ company.  They have a great set of friends and life was good for them  It was about to get even better as Abi found out she was pregnant after a while and this was great news for them both.

Abi is a petite and pretty young lady.  She has an air of beauty about her that is obvious to see.  Josh is a lucky man and at 6ft something he stands tall and proud.  He is a handsome young man and is wise in words for such young years.

One Sunday afternoon we received a phone call.  “Are you able to photograph a wedding of my friends on such a date?” asked the caller.  We thought it strange that the question was being asked by a friend but we went with it.  An hour later we got a call from Abi.  The wedding was in 4 weeks time and were we available…we were not her first choice but everyone was so busy.  Luckily for Abi and Josh we were available and set about preparing and finding  out as much as possible so we could capture their day.

On the wedding day we met for the first time and they were great! They got married at Sheffield Registry Office, had a few photos in Peace Gardens and retired to a local hotel for their wedding breakfast.  All was good – except for the hecklers of a peace protest in Sheffield City Centre………….You see, Josh is a soldier in the British Army and he had worn his uniform to get married in. The protesters and seen this and were shouting things at him.  Josh’s mum calmed the situation directly (with some carefully chosen words) before the local police took over and moved them on.  Josh & Abi were oblivious as they had some photos taken and luckily hadn’t heard anything.!

What the protesters didn’t know was that in a few days Josh would be putting his life at risk, to protect those very protesters, in Afghanistan.  This was the reason that their wedding had been put together so quickly, and brilliantly I must add.

Josh’s mum is a lovely woman.  This shot of her embracing her son on his wedding day captured the love and support of a mother who’s son was about to go to war…..Chances are after the wedding she would have very little time before Josh departed for foreign lands.  Its a loving moment but one with that other horrible thought at the back of your mind!!  The kind we hope no mother should ever have.

Nottingham Wedding Photogrpaher
A mothers love!


In Sheffield’s Peace Gardens – oblivious to the very rude hecklers we were able to take advantage of the fountain for this lovely posed image.  I think they were lost in each others thoughts for a few moments!


Wedding Photographer in Nottingham
Beautiful Bride – through the fountains at Peace Gardens


Like I said…. Josh stands tall and is handsome young man.  Abi…. simply beautiful and this pose shows them calm, relaxed ….and happy!

Wedding Photography Nottingham
Husband & Wife, Josh & Abi



A lot of people put the emphasis on a first dance being truly wonderful.  Look at it from this angle.  It could have been their first… and it could have been their last!  I took this shot with an romantic, lasting embrace thought…. The kind of shot that reminds me of those old  war movies where the soldier, after the 1st dance leaves for war and his loving, new wife (in this case) is left behind not knowing the dangers he is to face and praying he will return safe and sound.  It tells a story!


Wedding Photographer Nottingham
First Dance, Regimental Cap in the foreground.


Josh spent 6 months in Afghanistan and missed his wife and daughter massively. He did his duty.  Josh returned safely and continues to serve.   They now have a beautiful son as well as pretty daughter…… and their love…..

……….. well that still blossoms.





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