Event Photography

Martelle can now officially say we are now an established event photographer. We have been privileged to work with 2 other event photographers over the last couple of years and feel that we held our own.  It was a surprise that we were asked to be the photographers whilst our ‘mentors’ concentrated on the printing and selling side of the venture but they were so happy with our ability, style and ability to get the best out of our subjects but we are quietly confident in our ability so i guess it was huge compliment to front another company.    To cut a long story short we are now taking bookings for events ourselves.  This is fabulous news for us and something we really enjoy.  Sadly though we recently had to turn down a high publicity and big event in the Isle of Wight as we were already booked for a wedding which you all know we love!!

So far this year we have been booked for School Proms, University Graduation Ball,  A Football Awards Ceremony and have the opportunity to shoot a large football weekend next year – something we would love to do and the scale of it means we will need to employ extra photographers as there are approximately 1000 players!!

We have made massive inroads into this market and as such have moved form hiring printers to owning one with another to follow indue course!  We have upgraded our lighting and transmitters and are ready to cover any event!!  We feel this is a huge step for us and one we are immensely proud of.  We can print on the day, have online galleries and have a very fast turnaround from camera to gallery – less than 24 hours in most cases!

So…do you know any events that are happening this year and feel that a coverage by a professional photographer would be a good idea?? Why not give us a call and see what we can offer you? You will be pleasantly surprised at our prices!!

Call us on 07833 253788 or email us at info@martelle.co.uk

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