Karen & Gary’s Wedding

What a fabulous wedding day!  It was a day of rain, early morning fog & late afternoon sunshine.  Our Bride & Groom, Karen & Gary celebrated their wedding in style with the usual ‘lead a professional football team out on Match Day, have a pint with a millionaire businessman and get to kiss and hug the man of the match – and that was just Gary!!

The day started with Karen getting ready in the local Holiday Inn at Nottingham.  After the pre-shoot we headed off the the centre of Nottingham to the Council Of.  After he made his way inside his beautiful bride to be arrived, Karen.

Afte rthe ceremony Karen & Gary headed off to the Memorial Gardens but due to the heavy rain we only managed to get 1 or 2 quick shots.  We were on a very tight schedule so we set off and got ourselves ahead which allowed for a few more shots at Notts County Football Club.  The staff there are most accomodating and very friendly and helpful.

At 2.55pm we were gathered in the tunnel and those chaps that kick a round ball came to join us.  On cue Karen & Gary led both Notts County and Gillingham on to the pitch and to acrowd of over 5,000.  We even took a photo of them with allt he officials, mascots and club captains…which we had less than 30 seconds to get- talk about presssure – but we got it!

Anyway….. they were a fabulous couple all day and we couldn’t hace asked any more from them…..Thanks guys!

So heres a few photos…. enjoy them

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