Reasons to book a Professional Wedding Photographer

We all know that there are photographers out there that charge an absolute fortune. We also know there are people out there that will photograph your wedding for a couple of hundred pounds or less even, just to get their portfolio started.

I understand that everybody has a budget and not everyone can afford those top wedding photographers, but before you do decide to go with that cheaper option please take a think.  In 25 years what will be the one way to reflect on your wedding? Will you show off your beautiful dress?  Will you offer some Wedding Cake? Perhaps you may just grab your bouquet!  I actually doubt that these are going to be an option though.

Professional photographers invest heavily in training, insurance and equipment.  Don’t let your wedding day be ruined by not having any images you can decorate your wall with.

Anyway, the reason of this post is that I just want to draw your attention away from that cheaper option…. or you may end up with images like this.

Really Awful Wedding Images (click link)

Thanks for reading.

PS.  These images were taken by a supposedly Professional Photographer…….  They were taken by someone who admits they were not ready to be a professional wedding photographers at the time.

Please tell any bride to be …. check their photographers portfolio before booking.  We are always more than happy to show case our images and would never deliver anything that we would not hang on our walls to show off and remind us of our amazing day!

Martin & Ellen


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