Terry & Sylvia’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

on 27th December some close friends celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Despite hearing amongst some guests that 50 years is a life sentence I can honestly say it is alive sentenced they have loved, enjoyed and grown stronger together in.

Terry & Sylvia are a unique couple with a wealth of knowledge, advice and both have cracking sense of humour!

We thoroughly enjoyed being part of their celebration and all of their families and friends shared the occasion which was in the lovely setting of Calverton Golf Club.

The night before had seen very heavy snow but this did not put anyone off.

Anyway…its about that photo’s so here’s a few…..

T&S-1125 T&S-1122 T&S-1120 T&S-1119 T&S-1118 T&S-1113 T&S-1112 T&S-1110 T&S-1106 T&S-1105 T&S-1097 T&S-1096 T&S-1095 T&S-1088 T&S-1086 T&S-1085 T&S-1084 T&S-1082 T&S-1079 T&S-1076 T&S-1075 T&S-1074 T&S-1072 T&S-1070 T&S-1069 T&S-1068 T&S-1062 T&S-1059 T&S-1057 T&S-1055 T&S-1046 T&S-1039 T&S-1035 T&S-1033 T&S-1031 T&S-1030 T&S-1029 T&S-1028 T&S-1026 T&S-1023 T&S-1022 T&S-1017 T&S-1016 T&S-1009 T&S-1008 T&S-1006 T&S-1004 T&S-1003 T&S-1002 T&S-1000


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